Friday, 3 February 2017

Fitness Friday

This is something completely new for me. Me and fitness really do not get on. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and honestly I genuinely enjoy all things that are bad for you. (Why do they have to taste so good?) Combine that with a normal full time 9-5 job and fitness falls to the back of the line. I have to admit however lately I have been feeling really sluggish and the difference in my skin is not good. So this is my first fitness Friday entry . I feel like every Monday I say to myself I am going to  be good however midday comes and I can be found with my head in a bag of crisps without fail. And of course this can only happen on a Monday, new things do not happen any of day of the week. However, this time things are different.
 For a start I have actually planned all of this out. I have set out my daily meal as well as a measurements tracker and have also set myself goals. I find I am more motivated when I have goals to reach. I believe in going off of measurements more than weight. Scales really annoy me and I think you get a better understanding off of measurements rather than the scales. I find that around 2 weeks into healthy eating I feel amazing and always wonder why I stopped. The difficulty is getting to those 2 weeks especially when you have banging headaches from all the toxins leaving your body and my sweet tooth cravings go through the roof.
"There is no such word as cant"

Secondly, I have took pictures with the intent of seeing development. I am not going to publish these images at the minute as I feel they will look so much better and more effective when you can show them next to an image rather than on there own. I will definitely be sharing these however throughout my journey just so I can see how far I have come. This images will also come in handy when I feel like giving up and I can't continue. My new motto is there is not such word as cant.

I have also invested in some new workout clothes. There is nothing I love more than shopping and I figured one way to really get me in the mood to workout would be new clothes. The last time I really worked out was around 2 years ago so thought I better get some new clothes to go with my new fitness plan. I literally bought a whole new kit so I am definitely ready. I have always been naturally slim but that isn't about that. This is about being fit and feeling fit within myself and my body.

"It's about feeling healthy and fit and most importantly confident"

Lastly, I am a terrible cook. Like literally, terrible. So I have bought a couple of cookbooks which all have great reviews to help me out along the way. Most of my new meal plans are taken from these books as I actually want to learn to cook. I am a grab food on the go kinda girl which is probably why I love junk food so much. But that was the old days and now my meals will be filled with fresh fruit and vegetables with the intent of me having perfect glowing skin.

I just want to say that this really doesn't have anything to do with losing weight. This is something I am doing for me so that I feel better about myself. It is just about feeling healthy and fit and most importantly confident.

- LMH x

Current Statistics
Height: 5ft 11
Bust: 32"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 34"
Thighs: 20" each

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