Sunday, 15 January 2017

WishList 2017

Like most girls I love to shop. Something I have loved to do for many many years. I think people often under estimate how important retail theory can be for people. I have recently had a HUGE clear out in my wardrobe as it was long overdue. This are definitely some key pieces I would like to have join my new wardrobe and in fact my life in 2017.

Camera- Olympus Pen EPL8
Currently all of the images I take are always on my phone which is fine but I really want to get more in photography this year. This was defiantly very high up of things to do on my New Years Resolutions. I kind of figured this would be the perfect start up camera for me. Great reviews online about it, its chic design and not too technologically advanced for a novice like me. What can go wrong? I also love how the screen tilts down. A must have for me in 2017.

Bag- Mulberry Zipped Bayswater
One of my guilty pleasures is collecting bags. I remember when I bought my first designer bag when I was 18. I had worked so hard for it and saved for ages after all I only had a part time job at the time. It was a Mulberry Mitzy Hobo bag and I fell in love to the point where I wore it everyday and ever since I have always used designer bags. I get that this isn't for everyone but like I said this is a passion of mine. I haven't bought into Mulberry for a while and then I saw this bag (and most of the new collection) and fell massively in love all over again. I haven't bought a new bag in around 18months so think at some point this year I have to treat myself.
Watch- Tag Heuer Aquaracer

 Another item I saw and instantly loved. Believe it or not that doesn't happen all that often. I have one other watch (Gucci Horsebit) that I used everyday I absolutely adore it and have had it for around 3 years now. Over the years I have had many brand of watches for Olivia Burton to Michael Kors. My problem with those watches was that they just didn't last. They all broke within a few months, I just always felt disappointed with the quality especially considering none of them are what I would class as cheap. I bought my Gucci watch and honestly its been perfect. This one by Tag Heuer is the exact opposite to my current watch so I think this will make a great addition.
Belt- Gucci
  I have seen this belt literally everywhere. Normally I don't really follow trends I would rather have a more classic wardrobe that I can wear for years and it still looks great and fashionable. I think this belt falls into that category. A simple, classic piece that can be worn to dress up a outfit or just finish a look. I definitely think I want the smaller version of this however (unlike everyone else) just so I feel its not too in your face.
What is on your wish list for 2017
- LMH x

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