Wednesday, 1 February 2017

MAC Red and Purple Lip Swatches

After my nudes, I do love a red lip. I just think once you have found the correct shade of red you literally have all you need to complete a night out. It simply completes and add sophistication to any outfit and with the versatility in shades it can be worn day to night. Over the years I have definitely had my far share of hits and misses when it comes to make up mainly lipsticks. Finding exactly what shades suit my skin tone and style has been a long and hard process but now I can look at my lipstick collection and know that I suit them all. This is my final post in relation to the MAC collection and honestly I think its my favourite.

(Top to Bottom: Odyssey, Up The Amp, Diva, Rebel)

Honestly my least favourite out of the 4. Mainly due to it need being vibrant enough. I kind of feel that if you are going to wear a red lipstick it should be daring and bold and this for me is neither of those things. However, if you don't feel brave enough to wear a red lipstick or your still experimenting with them and wondering whether they would work for you or not then this is the perfect colour. It is also not drying in the slightest which is always a plus.
Up The Amp
A colour I have had for years and just never worn. I was kindly gifted this a few years ago and while it looked pretty in the tube, when I swatched it I instantly thought this isn't going to suit me and therefore just put this in my collection and never reached for it. WAS I WRONG. I actually love it. Now I am not the kind of girl to wear a purple lipstick but after trying this I am definitely going to be rocking this lip shade more. A new favourite.
My favourite red of all time. It is literally everything I want and more. It's bold, vibrant, sexy and edgy yet completely wearable day to night. The most all round red I have ever found that works with my skin tone. I do prefer my reds to have a blue undertone rather than a orange undertone so if your the same as me I urge you to go to a MAC counter and swatch this one. I wear it constantly and would never be without it in my collection. The only negative I will say is that it is pretty drying but considering it is a matte formula it is to be expected. Also if you are going to wear it all day expect there to be some staining to your lips after.


Again this one that kind of scared me when I first saw it. I instantly thought it was going to be too dark for me as it does look darker in the tube. Try it on however and it has a much more plum undertone to it. Not one of my favourites but on the days when I want to play up my lip colour this is the one that I choose. However be warned with this one it will literally stain your lips pretty much straight away from putting it on.
So that is it. All my MAC lipsticks swatched. Which one was your favourite?
- LMH x

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