For the longest time I feel like I have been boring my friends and family randomly going on about this new beauty product and the newest runway trends. This blog was created for me and you, people who love beauty, fashion and fitness, who are like minded. I was introduced to make up at such a young age which is no surprise considering I am the youngest of 4 girls. I used to love watching my older sisters get ready for a day or night out and stared at them doing their make up and hair. I was in awe and dreamed of the day I got to play with all this fun stuff. The amount of times I snuck into their room once they went out and just played with it all is uncountable, I love it. They however, did not.
As I have gotten older my style has dramatically changed but so has my life. Having met my boyfriend in July 2014 he had introduced me to a new passion: travelling. He has honestly opened my eyes massively to this wonderful world we live in and all it has to offer as well as giving me everlasting memories.
So if you are like me and enjoy everything life has to offer then please come along and come on this journey with me.

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