Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallete Review

Can I just start by staying how stunning this palette is? I mean look at it. I absolutely adore the marble effect that they have gone for with this palette, it just looks incredible. Having tried and owned a few Hourglass products in the pass my boyfriend kindly surprised me with this palette as part of my Christmas present and I am so glad he did. I have always been highly impressed by the quality of Hourglass products and this does not disappoint either.

(Top to Bottom: Surreal Bronze Light, Surreal Glow, Surreal Effect, Surreal Strobe Light)
The powders included are:
1. Finishing Powder- Surreal Light
2. Bronzer- Surreal Bronze Light
3. Blush- Surreal Glow
4. Blush- Surreal Effect
5. Strobe Powder- Surreal Strobe Powder
Surreal Light
If you love a glowy finish to the skin then this a product for you. It is pretty sheer (hence no swatch) but leaves the skin looking healthy and natural. This whole palette I think is aimed at lighter skin tones and as I am very pale this actually works really well for me. If you have a darker skin tone I doubt this product would work for you.
Surreal Bronze Light
This product is like touching silk it is so smooth when you apply it. The only issues I have found is that these are incredibly powdery and flake a lot when you try and get the product on the brush. Due to the size of the palette as well it can also be abit difficult to get the whole of the brush to not over fill the pan. Again I would say this is aimed at lighter skin tones as I can not really see this working with darker skin tones.
Surreal Glow
A beautiful peachy toned blush and my favourite of the 2 you get in the palette. Leaves a natural colour to the cheeks and a healthy glow (something we all want.) Literally not found a single issue with this one it is something that when the pan in the palette runs out I will definitely be buying the single one.
Surreal Effect
The second blush in the palette it a rose toned blush with a subtle layer of shimmer through the product. I have found that you are best to take small amounts of this product and build it up gradually. It is very pigmented. I do prefer the other blush I find this one a little too pink for my taste I kind of wish it was abit more of a muted pink. I feel like this product is a little bit more versatile than the others and would probably show up on more skin tones.
Surreal Strobe Powder
If you want a subtle glow to the face which looks natural then this is definitely the highlighting powder for you. Not massively pigmented so will not product those instagram worthy blinding glow to the cheeks but for everyday use this is beautiful.
A beautiful palette which a even more beautiful design. I would say that it has been made for a much more lighter skin tone as I really cannot see a lot of these colours working on darker skin tones. Over all however, it is everything what you need for a face of make up.
- LMH x

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