Thursday, 5 January 2017

MAC Nude Lipstick Collection

For as long as I can remember my favourite lip shade is nude. I just love it, it goes with absolutely everything. Therefore it seemed fitting to me that my first blog post would be about my favourite MAC nude lipsticks. When I first really started to get into make up and beauty I was 16 years old and had just got my first job working in Manchester City Centre which anyone will tell you money wise is dangerous. I was addicted to spending my dinner hour shopping and seeing everything what was new in and obviously I very quickly turned to MAC. Now as I have gotten older my taste and style has changed dramatically and my MAC lipsticks took a back seat for a while. I was going through my make up collection the other day and fell back in love (especially with one in particular.) All swatches shown are with MAC Naked Lip Liner underneath.
(Left to Right: Pretty Please, Blankety, Myth, Viva Glam 2.)

1. Pretty Please
I didn't actually know whether to include this as a nude or as a pink (blog post coming soon) but as it is more sheer and doesn't scream pink I went with nude. It is a lustre formula which is probably why it is so easy to pair with near enough every look. It glides on the lips and leaves a subtle sheen behind, perfect for anyone who doesn't like bold colours or just wants the perfect day colour. As you can tell from the image above it is definitely a well loved colour and is probably my most worn lipstick ever. If you want a nice easy lipstick you can touch up on the go (even without a mirror), this is the lipstick for you.
2. Blankety
I completely forgot how much I adore this lip shade. Honestly, my love for this one has definitely been restored. This is actually the second one of these I have gone through but over the years and with trying new brands and shades this one kind of got forgotten about. Let me tell you that is not going to be happening again. Perfect on a wide variety of skin tones it literally is so smooth on the lips and is not drying at all. If you are pretty pale like me you'll know the struggle and how hard it is to fine the perfect nude lipstick, this is it. It does need reapplying throughout the day as the staying power isn't the best but this doesn't bother me. This one has now found its way back into my make up bag and I doubt it will be coming out for a very long time.
3. Myth
I remember when I first got this one and I mainly got it to go with a lip liner I had from MAC which was far too orange in tone so with this having a yellow undertone it kind of made it work. I always kind of thought on its own it washed me out a lot and just was abit meh. However I am quite pleasantly surprised by how much I actually like it. I'm unsure what I would think about it without the lip liner on underneath but with, I like it. One that has shocked and surprised me and think I will be reaching for a lot more.
4. Viva Glam 2
It amazes me how over the years your style and preferences can change. I remember this and Blankety being my absolute favourites and would wear them to death. I put this one on now however and it just doesn't do it for me anymore. It really does have a slight orange undertone to it and it just doesn't suit me as much as I used to think. The formula (Amplified) however is wonderful and same as Blankety definitely needs reapplying through the day but is not drying and has a nice amount of colour. This one however I don't think I will be keeping anymore.
What are your favourite MAC nude lipsticks? Let me know below I definitely need to get trying some more.
- LMH x

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